Our Story

Loukoumades are a dessert found in Turkey, Egypt, Greece, and Persia. Throughout generations, this heavenly pleasant treat has been passed down from mothers to daughters with love. Families would gather around on weekends to enjoy home-made Lokma whether on breakfast or on supper with tea on cherished moments. Lokma, means a bite in Arabic, had many cultural touches in serving. It would be dipped in spicy sauce in some countries, and soaked or drizzled with honey in other areas. It would always carry pleasure to your mouth and draw a smile on your face every time and in every bite. Here in Big Puffs Factory, we would love to offer you this happiness and joy with our indulgent treat.

For The Joy of Sweet Tooths & Satisfied Cravings

Big Puffs Factory is a sweet-lover’s dream based on one single dessert: lokmas. With our brimming lokma puffs menu that features everything from milkshakes to boxes of puffs, our joy comes from sharing with people this indulgent, special treat. Because everyone deserves to smile, our mission is to spread happiness in every crunchy, soft, sweet mouthful. Currently based in Ontario, we have plans.

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